Do you have different sizes for your pies?

You bet! Pies come in three sizes: Piccolo with six slices. Medio with eight slices. Grande with 12 slices. And two Piccolos make a Grande if you’re looking to do a couple of different tastes at once. Calzones, Pastas and even our Garlic Knots come in different sizes as well.

Do you really make your fresh dough and fresh sauce daily?

Well, yes. Yes, we do. And it’s all a bunch of secret recipes, been around for a century, so we can’t tell you what the recipes are or someone would have to die.

Is that story of your family history on your website real?

Real? Absolutely! Well, some? Yes. A lot of it? Maybe. A bit more than some? Probably. Most of it? Don’t push it.

Why do you call your pizza gourmet?

We probably would want to answer that backwards for the way most pizza places would want to offer an answer. We know our recipes and pies are gourmet because of all of the imagination, creativity and inspiration we put into them. We’ve done it from day one. Actually, we did it for years and years before our first day in August of 2006 because we were doing all kinds of crazy-gourmet at home.

The answer that would normally be first about why our pizza is gourmet?

We call our pizza gourmet because we use the highest quality ingredients. Creativity and imagination come first because we brought these pies from our hearth to your table and we did it the way we’ve always done it, and we’ve never fed our family junk. We use the best, because it tastes the best, so that we can offer the best to our friends and neighbors so that Coburg is the kind of place with gourmet imagination.

Can I really only get half-and-half pies with red sauce recipes? Other pizza places can do it, why can’t you?

True! All red sauce pies are half-and-halfable. You’ve probably already figured out we’re not like most pizza places (after all, we actually have a FAQ on our website for interesting questions that are frequently asked). Most pizza places are an interesting version of fast-food-something and the rearranging of a dozen or two toppings, sort of like a blackjack dealer in Vegas. We are decidedly not fast food. We have a real Master Chef. We make every pie from scratch according to our Chef’s specific recipes. We do it all 100,000 times a year, give or take, with more than 150 sauces, cheeses, and ingredients. 

We’re proud of, and picky about, those recipes and in order to ensure their gourmet integrity, we only rearrange them on our out-of-this-world red sauce.

Imagine going to your local steakhouse and ordering half the prime rib platter and half the surf and turf. Or, perhaps a trip to your favorite lunch place and ordering a cup of soup: half clam chowder and half split pea. Haha! Well, you get the idea. We don’t do that either. So, to summarize… 1. Not fast-food food. 2. Not a fast-food experience. 3. Not your old pizza story. 4. Get ready for remarkable.

Your wait times seem a little longer than other pizza places, why?

True. First, read the FAQ above. Here’s the thing: Good food takes time. Fast-food is, well, you know. We really do make it all from the ground up on every order (except the milking the cow part for the cheese, we try and stay ahead on that.) And, your pie takes time to bake as well, as it’s not one of those thin-artsy-fartsy rounds with one and a half mushrooms on it. This is real, hearty, food with real, gourmet imagination, expertise, and exacting standards, that is guaranteed* for you to love.

Your prices seem a little higher than we’re used to, why is that?

Sometimes that’s true too. Now, read the two FAQs above this one, and when you’re done we’ll continue with this answer to your very good question. We’ll wait…

Okay, done? Good! It’s time for Pizza School:

First we use top quality ingredients on all our pies. Nothing like “cheese food” or that cheapo sausage you might find on your typical bargain-pizza-thing. Top of the line, Cadillac, primo, freshest, premium— it’s the way we roll. So, from the very first bite quality and excellence are your Coburg Pizza Experience.

Second, we just do things differently than other places. For instance, a guest recently compared our Margherita Classica with a local pizzeria which makes wonderful NY-Style pies, and in that style, a classic Margherita of their own. Their pie was 4" larger in diameter, and cost almost $4 less. So, what gives?

Some perspective is always helpful: the facts above are true on size and menu price, but here are a few things to consider along the way:

1. Our smaller-in-diameter pie is actually bigger, weighing 8% more than the larger one by our wonderful downtown friend. 2. We use whole, crushed tomatoes in our recipe, rather than a sauce. 3. We're pretty generous with the fresh Mozzarella and fresh basil.

Of course, pizza is subjective and everyone has preferences regarding what they like. To that, we say: pizza is the stuff of preference — eat what you like! We'll work hard to make sure you like what we do for you right here at Coburg. Our recipes, handed down over generations by our founder's Italian immigrant family, are made in their family's style and way. Dough made fresh every day. Sauce too. Oh, and we like crushed tomatoes, and lots of fresh Mozzarella and basil on our Classic Margherita. We even have a deluxe recipe for the Margherita which includes even more fresh Mozzarella, garlic and a bunch of our Spicy Italian sausage. We'll do all we can to make the perfect pie for you, but in the end, if ours isn't your fancy, we're fortunate in the Southern Willamette Valley to have other choices for what tastes good to us.

The bottom line is this: bite for bite, our pies are just a better value. It happens time and time again, from national brands to our local friends… you really do get what you pay for.


I see the silverware. Can I eat my pie with my hands?

This isn’t a taco or a McBurger, but, Yes! However, you may find that there’s so much good stuff on that crust you’ll need a little help. (See the FAQ just above this one.)


I don’t see an ingredient list. Can I build my own pie?

Yes! We’re happy to help you go ‘off-menu’ if one of our Signature pies isn’t right this time around. We don’t create lists for this kind of thing as we have more than 150 sauces, cheeses, and ingredients. Just tell us what you’d like, and we can add parm, olives, salmon, or corned beef; we can remove jalapenos, sour cream, or potatoes; we can double the sauerkraut steak; we can even start from scratch. You decide the ingredients and amounts, and we will help you to invent your own personal, particular tasty morsel if somehow you can’t find something you love in our more than 57 Signature Award-Winning imaginative recipes. (Some restrictions may apply for online orders and recipe integrity.) Just remember that we’re here to help. Order on! But don’t miss our adventurous guarantee, it’s a winner…


*Our Pizza Adventure Guarantee:

Be an adventurous explorer & experience something new! If you’re not inspired, we’ll gladly substitute your favorite pie for free. If our gourmet pizza doesn’t live up to your expectations, let us know & we’ll make it right.