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1.  to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses).

2.  to think, believe, or fancy: He reimagined the pizza to greatness.


We reimagine pizza to greatness!

Too much time has been wasted trying to cheapen pizza into a fast food box. We think pizza — the most perfect food in all the world — deserves a culinary place alongside the finest of dishes. We’ve created remarkable Signature pies and combined them with memorable hospitality and welcoming spaces to bring you the Coburg Pizza Experience.
Consistently voted the area’s #1 pizza.

Our Table

Some put pizza on par with a taco or burger at the local drive-through. We’ve reimagined pizza to greatness! In our chef-curated recipes you’ll discover an unparalleled level of quality and excellence. We’re decidedly not fast food. We hand-make and form every crust, and we freshly prepare sauces every day. We use the best ingredients —  meats that are a cut above, cheeses that don’t have fillers, the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We have more than 160 sauces, toppings, and cheeses that we use to create our award-winning Signature pies.

What are people saying?

  • I thought the prices were a little steep, I mean it's only pizza; then I ate it and it was phenomenal! They are so creative with toppings, cooked to perfection, and well worth the price. I will be coming here for every pizza craving. | Heather MacGregor
    Heather MacGregor
  • I have a feeling that not only is the owning family Italian, the staff has chefs among their ranks. Their pizzas both classic and signature use premium ingredients (hence the price), their staff is overly friendly (a plus), and their location, dining setting and drink/dessert options are excellent...
  • Best pizza in the country, hands down. Plus, such a great gluten free crust. The combinations are inventive and delicious. Who would have thought a schwarma pizza would be so great!?
  • I got the smoked bacon and broccoli pizza and it blew my mind! The best pizza I’ve ever had, bar none! The folks here care about quality ingredients, that is for sure.
  • One great experience! The variety of pizzas is mind boggling! Some combinations are things you wouldn't think of on pizza, but are so good! Reuben pizza and Milano garlic pizza were incredible!
  • Seriously the best pizza I have EVER had, like ever! The Route 66 was AMAZING!! Staff was incredibly nice as well and very friendly.
  • This pizza is truly authentic! So nice to have true authenticity. The prices are pretty good. The staff was wonderful.
  • I just tried the Coburg Pizza Company for the first time and I'm very impressed. There's a reason why they were voted number 1 in some poll. They have a superb thick crust with exotic toppings, such as Thai, Mediterranean, Southern, etc. If you love pizza, definitely try them out. It's a bit spendy, but worth the quality. Also, it's a cozy, old town feel in the place.
  • Absolutely amazing. Sooo many choices and any of them can be customized to suit your tastes. All pizza custom made so plan on a little time to relax, enjoy and visit while they make magic. You could taste quality ingredients in every bite. If you don't like pizza they have calzones, salads and other Italian dishes. Beer & wine available. Not in Coburg? Try their other branch in Springfield.

Our Spaces

We feel a restaurant should provide the opportunity to rest (since we’re a restaurant) and invigorate depending upon the need. We’ve reimagined our spaces for inspiration! We’ve thoughtfully created environments where the family can gather at the table, the clock means little, and even the atmosphere breathes in the sense of the wholesomeness and joy of a bygone era. That same space offers the comfort and ambiance needed for your professional connection or your necessary contemplation. We’re welcoming you to our home. Come in and stay awhile.

are you getting hungry?

Our Hospitality

We serve remarkable food, but we give great attention to making our service just as memorable. We’ve reimagined our service for hospitality! We’ll take time to answer every question, help you find just the right gastronomical experience, assist in perfectly pairing your beverage, find the ideal distraction for a child, tell you stories about our history, and on the rare occasion there’s a problem expertly recover for your best experience.